imageA good book is better than sex and chocolate. It lasts longer, is free from unflattering side effects and will stay with you indefinitely. It is also dependable, waiting for you right where you left off. Day or night, home or holiday, bedroom or train, etc… its constance is unfailing. And while it can’t promise not to make you cry, it can transport you and move you in infinite and invaluable ways.imageReading exposes us to new information, shedding light on an array of experiences and circumstances that would otherwise likely remain concealed. A book can be a resource, a counsellor and a friend. It can help hasten us towards our goals and steer us clear of old mistakes. It connects us with the world, linking us to more things than we ever imagined possible. And it shows us that nothing is unattainable, if only we believe in it enough.imageWriting a book is both a formidable challenge and an enormous adventure. It is not for the idle, easily distracted or faint of heart. It will move you and challenge you and tug you and twist you in infinite ways, some of which will be fairly unpleasant. But it is also one of the most absorbing and rewarding activities that it is possible to invest in and I would recommend that everybody try it at least once, the chance to lose yourself in the narrative, recreate yourself in the plot, write out and work past grudges and grievances, etc… is the best form of internal housework that there is. imageBelow are links to samples of my work. Written over a period of ten years, they reflect my experiences, adventures, feelings and thoughts as both an individual and a writer.

Writing the Monster out of my Head is autobiographical and part of a personal challenge. And Somewhere Around 2 O’Clock and The Cinderella Sense are fictional, inspired by affairs and trends at the time of writing.

If you would like to read more, send me an email, (be sure to include which book you are interested in so I don’t send you something else by mistake.)

Writing the Monster out of my Head
Somewhere around 2 o’clock
• The Cinderella Sense

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