I can write this for you

imageWords offer us the chance to express ourselves openly and honestly, to be seen and heard and to communicate our ‘authentic’ truth.

To be understood, to be respected, to be helped: these things are vital to our emotional wellbeing and to our success.


Words have always been very special to me and I consider language to be one of my greatest loves. Often cited as the rival in my relationships, it draws me to its altar daily, where I lose hours to my devotions.

Fluency helps, as does confidence and a genuine love for the craft. But that doesn’t mean that those who struggle to put things down or to present themselves with ease can’t come across competently too; they might just need a little help, as we all do sometimes.imageFor example:

My partner can’t spell to save his life, but that hasn’t stopped him from making a living, and a good one, from his skill with words.

My sister makes mistakes she can’t see, especially when she is rushing. But she hasn’t let that hold her back. She currently works in a large agency as PA to one of the managing directors.

My best friend doesn’t read much and hates to write, like really hates it. And yet she’s a teacher in a top-ranking school, inspiring countless young minds.imageMost of the time the problems we each face when it comes to language are easily fixed by one of the following:

• running a spellcheck
• borrowing the eyes of colleague
• begging the proofing skills of a friend
• asking a partner or a parent to write it for us

But what about when the task is more challenging:

• web copy
• a newsletter
• an article
• a resume
• a proposal
• a presentation

Perhaps then we need more help?


I offer copywriting, copy-editing and proofreading services for all of the above, as well as many not listed, including things like emails, cover letters, poems and pieces of prose. But I can basically do anything and everything, so long as it’s in English (or mostly).


Once I edited a 10,000-word dissertation written by an Italian man on a subject I knew nothing about.

I have worked on a 4,000-word brochure for a foreign language school, with articles submitted by employees of pretty much every European country you can imagine.

I’m used to reading between the lines, so to speak; to extracting and re-presenting the meaning (see my about page if you don’t believe me).


Below is a full list of the services I offer. Although I am sure if I have left the odd one out, I can offer that or them too if you ask nicely.


• website copy
• email communications
• articles, newsletters and brochures
• essays
• poetry, prose and fiction
• personal profiles, biographies and memoirs
• resumes, CVs and cover letters
• procedure manuals and documentation
• pitches, presentations and proposals

For a quote on your next project, send me an email. My rate depends on the timeframe available and the complexity of the project cited.imageTo keep up to date with my progress and receive a copy of my newsletter, send me your email address.

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