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20140327-181355.jpgI’m fully grown, despite my protests, and I still believe in fairies. Does that make me touched? Or enlightened? Personally, I consider this a gift, and as such wholeheartedly embrace it.

I also love children. I envy their innocence and their optimism, their ability to take every presented circumstance and magically fictionalise it.

As a tribute to them, as well as as a special favour to myself, I chose in these works to journey backwards, visiting once again that mythical place where anything and everything is possible and the rest is yet to happen. Here, people talk to animals, children fly, fairies exist along with omnipotent godmothers, and there are angels, elves, unicorns, mermaids and pixies…20140327-180955.jpgI invite you to join me in this exploration of childhood in the hope that it encourages within you a similar awakening of former, braver selves – in conjunction with ones you have long-since forgotten or, in your adult absentmindedness, over-zealously filed away.

Simultaneously, if you do so happen to be blessed with the good fortune of little ones: I impeach you to invest in their future magical memories by sharing what you find here. I assure you: there is much to amuse and delight.

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Angel Delight and the Chocolate Bunny

Breakfast at Mr. McGregor’s

The Bling Bunnies and the Fabergé Egg

The Moon was a Lemon Slice

The Princess and the Pe-kinese


A Fit Bird

The straight and narrow

The Fairy Princess and The Frog Prince

Butter Wouldn’t Melt

Bright Lights in Tinsel Town

A Frosty Reception

For the Love of Dog

Puppy in Pink

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