20140627-124224-45744026.jpgPoetry furnishes our lives with a certain kind of beauty and is as much an art form as art itself is. It also serves as an outlet for our thoughts, granting substance to feelings that are physically felt but perhaps not yet cognitively understood. Used correctly, it can help us figure to out where we are, where we want to go and why we might be struggling to get there. In this way, it can educate, comfort, unite, help and heal.imageI turn to poetry when I feel uncertain and challenged, when there is something inside of me that I want to understand and communicate but cannot seem to get out. Poetry lends me a voice when I would otherwise have been silent.imageBelow are links to samples of my most recent work, many of them semi-autobiographical. Written over a period of three years, they detail my experiences, adventures, feelings and thoughts. If you would like to read more, send me an email.

All that has been taken and destroyed
The winters here are long
I shouldn’t have to ask, but I do
Fights and Upset
The Hive of my Head
Fresh Gaps
The Blue Beneath
A Brush for a Tail
Tripping over Objects
Something Removed Rolling
Paper Birds
Miserable Eyes
God is Angry
Weak at the Knees
Complaining to windows
The Water in Mallorca
Forgiving what I took to heart
Super Moon
A Dark-Winged Moth
Invisible Clouds
Trapped until summoned
In Sheep’s Clothing
South of the Border
Cure for anxiety
Spilt Milk and Tomato Ketchup
Morning has Broken
A bird in winter
Under the bed
A stocking for a kitten
A sandpaper tongue
The devil you know
A skirt for a kitten
Tiny pleasures, snatched
Uphill crumbling
Borrowed digits
Lemon Juice
Stone in my shoe
Loose ends and torn edges
Secrets and lies
The underside of seldom-swept things
Lend me your arms
Tiny red flowers
Autumn leaves
Lavender, tea tree and Himalayan salt
In subtle ways
Learning to dance again
This ole house…
Close to my chest
Baa Baa, Black Sheep
What I would like
From my Balcony
Time Out
Early Evening
A lawnmower in the grass
Pea Soup
Dirty Laundry
False Friends
Sleeping Dogs
Grunt Work
Baby Steps
Promise to Self
This little light
The Glass House
House of the double-headed ax
Tree Monkey
Bikini Bottoms
The morning after
Broken Things
This little thing
What it used to be like
Rock Face
Lost and Found
Romantic notions
Falling Awake
Unexpected gifts
Yoga Nidra
Hiding in plain sight
Precious things
Clouds move in…
Mixed Emotions
Anticipating greatness
November 8, 7pm.
High Alert
Unforseen Obstacles
Care Instructions
SAD / sad /
Rabit Holes
Prayer Work
Comfortable and at peace
Last Night
Pain Management
Step by step
Waking Up
All of a… (flutter)
My stupid body
Summer Insanity

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