I made this

20140318-105436.jpgPinning things to an external fabric changes them, making them less threatening and more real, reducing their volume so that they lose their spikes. No matter how difficult, how hard to instigate or how uncomfortable to maintain: for me, the effort and the continued pursuit are worth it.20140513-130631.jpgI call my work Embroidered Truths because each piece refers to and represents a specific period in my life. Lifted unedited, it bears testament to whatever element or event it was necessary for me to exorcise.20140513-130804.jpgHand crafted, each piece takes at least 200 hours. I work in a meditative state, using the title as a mantra, focussing on the theme and the intended story throughout. I set myself one rule: to remain open to the process, allowing the work to speak for itself. I try to always be positive, believing in every piece, loving each element and object, continuing, even when those stitches appear to be a mistake.20140513-130905.jpgClick on the images below to browse my artwork. Each image corresponds to a different project.

If you have any questions or desires(or if you simply want to chat), be sure to let me know. It’s good to talk and I love interacting.


Crib Craft


Flat Mates


Single Socks


Wall Flowers

Lovey Dovies

I spy

I spy with my little i

Square Pegs

Square Pegs

A year of stitches

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