flat mates

20140321-181807.jpgMeet Solo Brown and Solitary Beige, the smallest of comrades. Always eager to please and habitually pleased to see you, they are the ideal cohabitant-counterparts.

What’s more, unlike the real thing they won’t disturb your sleep, pester you in the bathroom or raid the fridge.
20140321-181906.jpgOn the contrary, they will simply sit where they are put, listen without interrupting, come when summoned and retreat when bade off.

And, if you happen to be especially lucky or if they happen to especially like you, they may even answer the phone on the odd occasion and clean the house.20140326-182933.jpgPlease Note: because they are created with love and require extensive attention to detail, Flat Mates are made by request only. The images shown are of sample dogs, (which you can, if you would like, buy).

If you would prefer a rabbit or a cat, or even a lion or a tiger… I am happy to oblige. I can also design to breed type and/or work from a photo. 20140321-182025.jpg• Click on the images below to go to my online gallery where you can see each piece enlarged, find out more about it and buy either it or a print.

Please note: my gallery takes a 30% commission, which is included in the listed sale price. The price is also quoted in $’s. Visit my shop to see the price in £‘s and save 30%.

Alternatively, use the following links to:

Adopt a Flat Mate
Commission your own bespoke companion


Solo Brown

Solitary Beige

Solitary Beige

• If you would like to buy my work, please visit my online gallery
• To receive a 30% discount, see my enquiry page for details or visit my shop

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• View or buy my work at my online portfolio
• Save 30% and buy from me direct
Learn more about my work and the inspiration that guides it
• Keep up to date with my progress and receive a copy of my newsletter

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