imageProse is the ideal form for an idea that needs expressing or an emotion or event that needs processing and honouring simply for itself. Prose is pensive and probing, teasing and touching, challenging and provoking.

With prose, what you are doing is composing a picture – something that is, metaphorically speaking, small enough to hang on the wall. Like a shot of wheatgrass (or vodka or coffee, if you prefer), prose wakes you up, pulling you up short of where you were heading, demanding that you stop and take note of what surrounds you, whilst simultaneously grounding you for a while.imageI turn to prose when a poem is eluding me or when I want to translate and better understand a dream, it’s allegorical nature allowing me to unveil what would otherwise remain concealed.imageBelow are links to samples of my most recent work, many of them semi-autobiographical. Written over a period of three years, they detail my experiences, adventures, feelings and thoughts. If you would like to read more, send me an email.

The Torso that carried the skeleton
Behind the mirror
Three Sisters
Nice Girls Swallow, Sensible Girls Spit
The Prince who Favoured the Beast
Yesterday’s Desire. Tomorrow’s Heartache
Invisible Clouds
Cat’s Feet
The Frog Prince and the Fairy Princess
Empty cups
Footprints more durable than memory
A dysfunctional legume
No man’s land
Dinosaurs that have shrunk
Snowmen in winter
Tiny pleasures, snatched
Borrowed digits
The moon underwater
Contemplating Jesus
Concrete flecks, tarmac lumps
A drowned rat
Sharing space with a stranger
It’s my party
The clouds float north while I travel south
The underside of seldom swept things
Yellow rose petals
The things that stare at me
There’s no place like home
Green and gold
Fear and Self-loathing
An indeterminate or undefined place or state
Bleeding from new places
Rhyme or reason
Collateral damage
Like my dog, I like to hide inside blankets…
Cold, dead and dark
Muddied Water

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