Knitting Group: A good yarn

What is it?

This is a daytime knitting group for those who are at a loose end during the day or can manage to snatch an hour (or two) away from work.


When is it?

We will meet three times a week on:

Mondays, 11am-1pm
Thursdays, 11am-1pm
Saturdays, 11am-1pm

See Meetup for details.

However, if you would like to join but can’t make it until the afternoon or would prefer (because of commitments) to meet earlier or on another day, let me know and, depending on numbers, I will do my best to create an additional meet-up or rearrange the existing one. At the end of the day, what works best for the majority also works best for me.


Where is it?

Venues will change on a monthly basis. But whilst specific location may vary, the venue in question will always be easily accessible by public transport and based in the centre of Palma.

At the moment, our meetings are held in the following places:

The Room – Carrer de Cotoner, 47, 07013, Palma, Mallorca

The Room – Carrer de Cotoner, 47, 07013, Palma, Mallorca

Cappuccino, Palau March – Carrer del Conquistador, 13, 07001 Palma, Mallorca

{join us}

Possible exceptions will be outings and trips, which we will organise as a group.


Who is it aimed at?

This is a friendly group open to everyone:

• old | young
• male | female
• experienced | beginner (although some experience is necessary)
• knitter, stitcher, tatter, weaver, embroiderer, crochetter, etc…


What is our focus?

The focus of the group is to promote knitting for emotional wellbeing.

Which essentially means:

• getting out of the office or house
• chatting with other like-minded individuals
• giving yourself permission to experiment and play – without fear
  of self or external reprisal
• nurturing your inner child (with guilt-free consumption
  of yummy things, like tea and pastries and cake…)

• airing and sharing your:
  – worries/concerns
  – thoughts/dreams
  – passions/interests
  – experience/advice
  – grievances/griefs
  – talents/gifts
• having a positive focus
• having an achievable project (something to aim for,
  pour love into, and give value to…)

And other more scientific things, which you can find out more about by reading my other links.


My aim is to bring people together and to provide a safe and nurturing environment where like-minded individuals can socialise, make friends, learn new skills and develop old ones, as well as share their experience and create beautiful things.

There will be a mixture of open knitting meet-ups as well as more directed focused ones where I will bring along a pattern, pick a cause or select a theme (like spring or babies or hats…). This is a great opportunity to expand your current repertoire. There will be a small fee for classes to cover expenses.


• join us on meetup
• book a private lesson
• book a workshop


Knitting is addictive. Once you learn you can’t stop. You find yourself picking up your needles and applying them everywhere – in the car, on the tube, at work, during phones calls, in meetings, in waiting rooms, during lunch with the family, over drinks with colleagues and acquaintances, etc… the only thing stopping you, your imagination and courage.

Possible consequences of the craft include:

• external admiration – from across the room and over your shoulder
• unsolicited advances:
  – from grannies
  – from children
  – (and sometimes) from weirdos

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