catalogue – I spy with my little i

image To BUY one of my pieces is simple, just CLICK on the IMAGE of the piece would like (making sure to first take note of its name), then FOLLOW the INSTRUCTIONS on the following page.

Alternatively, you can go to my Etsy page… where some but not all of my pieces are.

Or… you can just email me and we can work it out from there.

If you are in any way confused (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. And, maybe, also, this is confusing…), please don’t hesitate to send me an email. I will be glad to CLARIFY and HELP in any way that I can.


Little Bow and the Ice Cream Cake iPad Case – £80

Little bow blue and the spring meadow - £80

Little Bow and the Sunset Meadow Mini-iPad Case – £75

Little bow

Little Bow and the Raspberry Ripple Mini-iPad Case — £75

Little Bow Blue and the Pretty Paisley Sheep

Little Bow and the Paisley Sheep Kindle Case – £70


Little Bow and the Rainbow Sprinkles iPhone Case – £50

Little bow yellow and the peach brûlée - £50

Little Bow and the Peach Brûlée iPhone Case – £50

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• View or buy my work at my online portfolio
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• Keep up to date with my progress and receive a copy of my newsletter

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