Deck the halls: Christmas workshops (knitting)

In these workshops you will learn how to make a knitted Christmas decoration from scratch – which, depending on your level and speed, you can complete in class or finish off at home.

Choices include:

a snowman
a gingerbread man
• an angel
• a fairy
• a star
a Christmas tree

Specific decoration will be listed at the time of advertising and all workshops will be posted on Meetup. To be notified of dates in advance and keep up with other classes and workshops, make sure you join one of these groups.Requirements:
These workshops are suitable for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. To avoid disappointment, make sure you are aware of what the skill requirements are at the time of booking.

By the end of the workshop, you should confidently be able to:

• cast on and off
• knit
• purl
• increase
• decrease
• bind off
• follow a simple pattern from start to finish
• make a French knot
• make a cross stitch
• make a chain stitch

(NB: depending on pattern, extra stitches may apply.)

Although patterns and basic tools will be provided, you will need to bring:

• yarn
• knitting needles
• a yarn needle

Details of materials and where to buy them will be listed on the event pages. In special circumstances, materials can be purchased on your behalf. You will need to email me at the time of booking to set this up.

To find out more (date, time, location, price and booking, etc.), see:


To request a specific day, time, theme or focus, please email me with your questions and details.
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