Me and knitting

imageMe and knitting are obsessive. I knit every day, several times. In fact, I am rarely found without a ball of wool and a pair of needles stashed somewhere upon my person. 

I knit over Sunday lunch with the parents and coffee and cake with friends. I knit whilst commuting. I knit while waiting for an appointment or when standing in a queue. I even knit over drinks in the evening and in-between courses in restaurants – romantic sojourns aside. No: actually, them too. 

My current project, whatever it is, is as much an ally to me as my dog, mother, partner and best friend. Knitting is both my lifeline and my life. Creativity, art, making stuff look ugly or nice, in my blood. If ever I have cause to doubt this, all I have to do is walk into a yarn store or check my latest bank statement for proof. I think I spend more money on knitting and knitting supplies than anything else – bar, perhaps, coffee; which is another love, albeit with less benefits.

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