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20140512-115525.jpgMy gallery takes a commission, which is included in the listed sale price. The price is also quoted in US $’s.

• See the price in British £’s
Save 30% by buying from me direct

20140512-115629.jpgI also undertake work on commission and welcome the chance to stretch my creative legs.

• Commission your own bespoke creation

20140512-124659.jpgIn addition, I offer a selection of classes and workshops to the elderly, the infirm and the unemployed where I provide a safe and nurturing environment inside which individuals can experience the benefits of compassionate interaction and nurture new skills.

• Learn more about my classes and workshops
• Support my special needs programme

20140512-115716.jpgTo keep up to date with my progress and receive a copy of my newsletter, send me your email address.

• View or buy my work at my online portfolio
Learn more about my work and the inspiration that guides it
• Keep up to date with my progress and receive a copy of my newsletter

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