shopping list – iPad case


Pick a yarn. Choose any colour, texture and blend you like, so long as it is DK or 4ply in weight.

If you would like the cuff to be in a different colour (see example) choose another ball of the same yarn in a different shade.

If you are an intermediate or an advanced knitter, why not try a luxury wool: cashmere, alpaca, mohair, camel, angora? NB: beginners should stick to plain wool, as these are harder to work with.


Optional, this can be in whatever colour or yarn you like. You should try to match weight though.

If you wish to decorate it, you will need glass beads and sequins. Pick colours and sizes to suit, although I would recommend small beads and 3-4 mm sequins.


Yarn needle:

• standard size
• straight (not hooked)
• metal (not plastic)

Sewing needle:

The type suitable for sewing cotton. You will need a ball of cotton too, to add the beads and sequins. Match cotton colour to the beads.

Knitting needles:

To match yarn – so if you have bought a 4ply, your needles will need to be 4 mm. You will need two sets:

4mm dpn’s
4mm circular’s
60 cm cable

It is possible to knit the whole case with dpn’s, although I do not recommend this (especially for beginners) as it makes maintaining tension more difficult.


Materials can be bought in all independent yarn and haberdashery shops, some pound and Chinese shops, selected department stores and also online. If you are unsure of what to pick, be sure to ask for help at the time of buying; most shop assistants are lovely and only too willing to help.


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