Embroidered Truths: Day 567

Following the pull of gravity,
I connect to the downward flow of something
deeper and darker within;
sinking, as I do so, to the bottom left.

I’m not sure if I’m just filling space;
dancing in silver because this side is still
free, unfettered, a blank page.
Or if I’m here because there’s inner work to be
doing and this side seems to be all about that.

The left details the surface: health, sickness, ailments,
thoughts, feelings emotions, etc.
And the right: something more primal,
about planetary alignments, constellations, bulbs and roots.
There are more fishbone spines, more skeletal branches,
more lines, curves and sweeps.

As silver connects to gold: something
alchemical occurs and I feel cracks in the ceiling.
Ceiling being the surface of my mind,
walls of my body, shell of my soul.

by Rebecca L. Atherton


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